Give us your feedback

Let’s be honest; some people find change difficult. Even when it brings newer and better things, it can be uncomfortable and disruptive.

As the works are carried out there will be some disruption to everyday living, but everyone concerned is working hard to make sure this as little as possible. For example the demolition of existing homes has been done in a way which minimises dust, noise and inconvenience for residents.

It’s also why we have a team of people, like our resident liaison officers, to help you through every stage of having your home refurbished. We can’t replace a kitchen without some disruption, but we can make sure you still have some cooking facilities every day and give you some tips for dealing with the situation.

From time to time things may go wrong or need to be changed. While we know how frustrating this can be, we’ll always do everything we can to make sure that disruption is minimised.

So if something doesn’t seem quite right or you’re just unhappy with something, let us know – we promise to listen and act.

As the saying goes ‘if you are happy – tell others, if you’re not – tell us.’ That way we can keep on track and enjoy the positive benefits that are either already here or just around the corner and make this project a great success.

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