Liz Kessler

Staff profile:

Job title:

S 106 Project Monitor Design Manager

What does your job involve?

The aim of the job is to ensure that the external area of the housing blocks in the Ocean area are transformed and will provide a safe and attractive environment for residents, one that encourages them to spend time outside. Sec 106 monies have been made available for this purpose and my task is to ensure that the funding achieves the desired end. This involves working with the design team, East Thames, Wates and a large number of local authority departments to ensure that first the designs, and then the implementation, does indeed lead to this transformation.

What is it about your job that you enjoy the most?

Problem solving, discussing plans with designers and residents.

Is there such thing as a typical day on the Ocean?


What part of the completion of the regeneration are you most looking forward to?

Seeing the transformation of existing estates and them being used and enjoyed by residents

Describe the Ocean Estate in three words?

Fascinating, varied and a challenge

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